Penghu Adventure !


Hello all!

Again future self, please forgive me for not posting, but you were having a wonderful vacation from vacation.

Luke and I spent Sunday- Wednesday exploring all of Taiwan’s extra hidden gems- Penghu, an archipeligo full of fun! We flew from a small airport in Taipei to Magong. There, we were picked up by the hotel and began exploring on foot. (You see, we took an early flight and were there by 9:30 am.) We actually happened upon a lot of sights without realizing their importance. For dinner, we had delicious, fresh shrimp, oysters and crab! It was our big, delicious meal of the trip and worth each dollar.

The second day was pretty special. We celebrated our 2 year anniversary! We took a taxi around the connected islands and saw a lot of historic places. The pictures will speak for themselves. My favorite part (besides being able to finally celebrate an anniversary together!) was the temple with Green Turtles. There is a grand temple, which I was super excited to see then BOOM you go downstairs and its like stepping into the ocean, complete with reef walls and turtles!

The third day we took a boat to the islands were couldn’t quite drive to. We saw the Double Heart, ancient Han villages, temples galore, and biked to a beach with our kids. Total blast!

On Wednesday, our plane left at 2:45 pm and we had just enough time to go to a Northern Island to snorkel and hang out on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.




About Stephanie Olson

"Life is a series of moments." This quote resonates with me because I think you can apply it to so many aspects of life. We are only here for a short amount of time, and making each situation, interaction, and moment the best it can be is something I strive for everyday. I'm an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I study sociology and Asian Studies. My interests include: sustainability, social justice, running, cooking, euchre, reading, and exploring!

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