Wednesday, Wednesday.



I have lots of great news! First, I hung out with my wallmate from my university yesterday, and she cooked yummy food for lunch! Catching up and seeing her cute minion was a highlight of my day!

The other highlight came from tapping out on interviews for my research- 23 done! Complete. Need to be translated and coded… A big thanks to Luke, my wonderful secretary, translator and breakfast getter. None of the research would be possible without him.

Today was organizing for me… and reading. I organized my school binder, not the apartment. Which probably needs to be swept… maybe I will do that tomorrow… maybe not 😉

Anyway, it has become a countdown to August 5th. 12 days folks, and Luke and myself will be back in the US! Wowie!




About Stephanie Olson

"Life is a series of moments." This quote resonates with me because I think you can apply it to so many aspects of life. We are only here for a short amount of time, and making each situation, interaction, and moment the best it can be is something I strive for everyday. I'm an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I study sociology and Asian Studies. My interests include: sustainability, social justice, running, cooking, euchre, reading, and exploring!

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  1. Yes I can hardly believe it only 12 more days. What a adventure for you and Luke this summer
    Glad to know you are having a great time but looking forward to seeing you for a great big hug!!!
    Miss you and have a safe trip homeward bound

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